I've been fortunate to travel on many DXPeditions
and contest trips.  
Here are a few.


N3KS/KP5 2005

I had an opportunity to make a trip to Desecheo Island and invited K3LP to join me.  We had a great experience and 'sorry' if we stepped on any toes...


V26B 2007

This station has been an icon similar to PJ2T for many years.  Being there gave me agreat appreciation of how hard it is to maintain a station in the tropics.  The knowledge would be very useful for TI7W!


FS5UQ 2004

My first contest expedition.  St Martin is a great place place to contest!


8P9R 2005

A last minute M/M expedition to the island of Barbados.  Using spare telephone poles as antenna mounts and building everything from scratch, we were hit with 20 over s9 RFI the entire contest.  The breaks..


TE6DX 2018

Since residing in Costa Rica, I have had the fortune to meet up with the great guys of the TI DX Club.  In 2017 we did an IOTA expedition to Chria Island NA116, and this year to Uvita Island NA155.  A great group of guys!